Testimonials: What People Say

Nelson – UK

I decided to embark on this course because l felt the need to build up some formal qualifications in Project Management. Although l have gained experience of Project Risk Management on actual large scale projects, l found the Project Risk Management: Key Concepts for Everyone course informative and worthwhile. I felt l was learning something new or solidifying what l knew but never really understood the principles behind. There’s room for improvement, but even in the current state the material is clearly presented and easy to follow. Thank you Psygon Services.

Rachel – Ghana

Thank you for an insightful and expansive course. Generally, the course structure and teaching ensured I got a good understanding. It aided in answering some questions on mind about how some projects fail. Having a collaborative approach to all the tasks helped provide a varied but in depth source of learning. I enjoyed the entire learning experience.

Garrett – Australia

Thanks kindly for providing the certificate so quickly. As promised, please find below feedback on the Psygon Services course undertaken.

  • Informative and concise i.e., the figures included throughout the course, suggested tools to mitigate risk.
  • Quick delivery of course after purchase.
  • Questions throughout the course were good, course structure was nicely set out, and video was set at a reasonable pace which was easy to follow.
  • Resonated with the relevance of this course in context of the construction industry, also great cross-referencing with past Uni courses I’ve completed.

Kind regards

Jonah – Ghana

  1. The course was well tutored.
  2. The practical nature of the examples made me understand the issues more clearly.
  3. The breakout sessions were for me the toast of the training………

Peter – South Africa

This course provides practical valuable insights into the best practices in Project Risk Management which in turn gives both the individual and the organization the tools required to deliver the projects flawlessly.

Roger – Ghana

  1. The course was very practical and insightful.
  2. A lot of case studies and real life examples were applied to make it easy to grasp the course.
  3. Overall the lessons learnt go a long way to improve our project delivery.

Ian – Australia

  • The purchasing process was quite simple, although I have to admit that my lack of experience with PesaPal did initially cause some concern.
  • The product is excellent! A lot was revision for me, as I have been doing project risk management for many years, but I still learned a lot through the course. The most valuable part was learning when to use quantitative risk assessment and when not to – I think I would have tried to use it more than it would have been worth doing. I also learned why we managed some of the information that we do in my organisation – previously I had just filled some of the boxes in our risk management tool so that the data was complete without realising the value of the information.
  • Honestly, I can’t think of anything to improve.

Many thanks.

Tosin – Nigeria

This is one of the most valuable training on Project Risk Management. Persons of any level in Project Management should absolutely take on this training. With simple and relatable illustrations, it is clear that the trainers are proficient.

Nick – Ghana

The course was taught in a very engaging manner to involve all participants fully. Case scenarios used were very applicable and easy to appreciate. The lessons taught covered a wide range regarding risks and allowed us to better appreciate the full concept of risk pertaining to projects.


AACE India –

It has been very nice listening to you. You have left the people to think and apply the fundamental principles. And I hope they will all do. It was great to have you on this platform. We will welcome you any time you are available to come and join us and to share your wisdom and your experience. Thank you.

Association of Construction Managers of Kenya – 

What motivated you to sign up for the webinar?

  1. The speaker.
  2. I would like to learn. The topic of the webinar was interesting.
  3. The desire to be a better project manager. Project risk management is an integral part of project management. So knowing how to manage risk is important in delivering successful projects.
20211104 Feedback Image – Kenya